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Leanne Sanders - Creative Director at Large


Laurette Guertin's rings before a Disegno re-design.


Laurette Guertin's re-designed platinum and diamond ring includes the modern elements of the wide bezel frame and a nod to the 1940s original with the faithful rendering of the petal motif engraved on the shoulders of the setting.



Carrie Colton's Had Coulston redo a family ring to feature her mother's aquamarine. A row of tiny sapphires arc on one side of the pedestal while a diamond graces the other. Two more small diamonds are set inside the band.

At 90 years old, Laurette Guertin thought the time was right to redesign the engagement ring and wedding band she had worn for more than 60 years. After six decades it was no surprise the rings had worn down and she worried that they might break. Guertin sought the advice of Canadian jewellery designer Pamela Coulston of Disegno Fine Jewellery.

"J'ai voulu quelque chose moderne," explained Madame Guertin, still very much stylish in trench and beret.

"These redesigns throw down the gauntlet for me," Coulston admits, "retaining the gold and gems is easy enough, but retaining the spirit of the jewellery is the challenge." The new ring, which included the metal of the wedding band, was in Coulston's crisp, modern style, but as a nod to the original, she replicated the small petal motif that had flanked the diamond since 1948.

In a recent interview with STYLESENSE magazine, Canadian jewellery designer Pamela Coulston of Disegno Fine Jewellery advised:


Your leftover gold should either be returned to you or credited to you at competitive market rates.


A professional designer will render detailed drawings and a wax carving, both of which you will approve, before your design is committed to metal.


Ensure the 'take-in' receipt fully itemizes your old jewellery when you leave it for redesign, including gold weight and gem details.


Chose a professional designer, not a sales clerk or even a goldsmith, and one who can interpret your unique style, not impose their own.


Coulston's Top Design Tip:

This is an important undertaking.
Choose a fine jeweller you trust or one who comes highly recommended.