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Leanne Sanders - Creative Director at Large

buttlifting exercises

PHOTO: Andrea Hausmann

Never do I feel such positive energy as when I am talking to Scarlett James, the founder of The Montreal Burlesque Fest, who graces the cover of this the third and pre-holiday issue of STYLESENSE, the magazine.

Scarlett James, the self-proclaimed Countess of Burlesque has convinced me that sex is good for you, and she believes girls know how to get all they want.

Surveys tell us that the better your body image the more often you feel sexy, and the more attractive you become to a partner and the more likely you are to achieve sexual fulfillment.

No ifs about it, Scarlett James has the best butt in the biz and this same Scarlett James shares with STYLESENSE readers her secrets for sculpting your butt beautiful.

In a recent interview with STYLESENSE magazine, Scarlett James said:


I think water is the most important contributor to my being in strip shape. I drink a big glass of water every morning when I get up and at night right before going to bed.


Of course training is also important as it keeps me centered and focused. I don't really diet but my secret is that I will not overdo anything. Moderation is the key.


My routine is simple, and I do it every morning I start by stretching my body with classic dance moves and concentrate on my breathing, long and deep, for about 15 minutes.

I also like to use the big balloon especially to stretch my back and abs. Stretching is also a way to warm up and awaken your body before a major toning routine begins. I start by stretching my feet and then do every body part of me from the bottom all the way up.


Then I do sit ups to tone my abs and obliques. I do push ups on my knees as I don't want to develop too much in the way of muscles, I just want to be toned. I perform a series of 25 of each of these.

Now, the sit ups and the balloon work really help to shape my bottom, but the best exercise for that is as follows:


Scarlett's Top Butt Lifting Tip

Spread your legs three feet apart from each other and stand straight. Now, turn so that one leg faces forward. Now, bend your knees until they almost touch the floor and push all the way back up. Make an effort to keep your abs tight at all times and to keep your back straight and elongated, and your shoulders relaxed. Do this 15 times per leg.