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Putting on your aura everyday requires a little know-how. Experience how powerful a polished persona can be, and you won't want to ever leave home without it.

Rhona Kornel, a Quebec-based yoga teacher, is pictured here having a much coveted Daisy makeover to ready her for taking her special brand of aromayoga to South Beach.

What makes a face beautiful? Symmetry. Kornel's features are just that. Kornel's skin tone is fairly even which is special for a woman of 44. Kornel attributes her flawless skin to her raw food diet. Daisy worked her makeover magic for Kornel using hypoallergenic shadows and contours from Aveda, a line made from the most natural ingredients.


The challenge is to ready the image of Yoga teacher and aromatherapist, Rhona Kornel for a visibility raising campaign.

Step 1

Daisy prepares Kornel's face for the makeover with a skin tone base applied with a sponge from the centre of the face to the edges and on into the hairline.

Step 2

Daisy says: "If you want to control a room, pay special attention to the defining of your eyes." Kornel's eyebrows start a little too far from the bridge of her nose.

Step 3

Daisy fills them in by a centimetre with powder and then extends the brow beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Step 4

Eyebrows frame the face and are the simplest way of refining a look while adding personality.

Step 5

Kornel's eyes are lined close to her eyelashes both inside and out, all the way into the corners.

Step 6

Kornel's eyes are accented with a shade of Aveda Cocoa applied in a smudgy arc to fill the crease.

Step 7

Highlighter is applied just under the brows. Shading is applied under the chin to define the jaw.

Step 8

Upper and lower lashes are thickened with brown waterproof mascara. Hold the wand parallel to the lashes and sweep it across the lash roots and the tips.

Step 9

A great smile is a terrific asset. Kornel's thin lips are outlined with a Spice pencil but only after a Grape Frost lipstick is applied.

Step 10

Daisy says: "When you are well groomed and well made up you have more credibility and people are drawn to you."


This makeover plays up Kornel's pale, flawless skin and deep set eyes. A strawberry blond wig takes 10 years off her look.