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As a make-up artist, many of my clients ask me how to reproduce the makeup looks of their fav celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Beyoncé have been amongst the most wanted. But, most recently there's been an increasing demand for looks inspired by Lady Gaga.

Clearly, it's not an easy look to replicate considering that she has so many different looks. However, one thing is clear, her make up choices are bold, eccentric and fashion forward. The more drama the better. I really think she should have called herself Lady Drama!

I always teach my clients that great skin is of the utmost importance when applying makeup. This means, you have to make sure you exfoliate your face at least once a week, use a good cleanser and moisturizer and remove your makeup every night before you go to bed.

Achieve the Gagalook. Gather the following items:

  1. False eyelashes (MAC style #44)
  2. Black liquid eyeliner (Noir Cosmetics Lifeline Liquid Eyeliner)
  3. Eyeshadow (Urban Decay, Eyeshadow in Uzi)
  4. Glitter (Lise Watier, Eye Glitter Liner in Silver Stars)
  5. Black Mascara (Dior, Diorshow Blackout)
  6. Black khol eyeliner (Mac, Smolder)
  7. Eyelash curler (shu uemura)
  8. False Eyelash glue (Mac, DUO)
  9. Eye contour cream (NeoStrata, Eye contour smoothing cream)

Step by step application


Prepare the skin around your eyes with a good moisturizer. I recommend NeoStrata, since you can even apply it directly on your eyelids to moisturize and prepare your skin for makeup.


Apply silver eyeshadow with a flat eyeshadow brush all over your eyelids, with a touch in the inner corner of your eyes.


Use your silver glitter liner and apply it all over the eyelids for a more glittery and dramatic look. To get a more subtle look, you can apply the glitter only as a liner, close to the eyelashes.


Line your eyes with your liquid liner for a precise yet bold look. I suggest you line the bottom lashes as well.


Curl your lashes with your eyelash curler, apply one coat of your black mascara.


Size the fake eyelashes and make sure they fit your eyes perfectly. If need be, cut off a small piece. Apply glue (Duo eyelash glue is the only one you should be using, it's simply the only one that holds lashes to your own impeccably) and wait couple of seconds until it becomes tacky/sticky. Close one eye and apply lashes as closely to your natural lash line as possible. You can use a tweezer to hold your lashes if you wish. Let it set for couple of seconds before you open your eye. Once it's set follow with another coat of mascara. Don't forget to apply 1-2 coats of mascara to your lower lashes.


Line the inside of your eyes with your Kohl Black eyeliner pencil for a deeper, more intense look.

And voila! A Lady Gaga inspired, eye-catching look!