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Jewelry to collect in 2010: the look of "real bling" made of affordable stainless set with cubic zirconium from ArtConnection in South Beach

Miami is a mecca for mavens for whom shopping is more than therapy, it is a religion. Miamistas know nothing buys you "access" like the impression that you have made a major investment in whatcha wearin'. Si, señora, signature designer fashions signal that you have a discriminating eye, and a platinum credit card to boot. But, it don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that bling!

Swiss born Gabi Provenzano, the owner of ArtConnection on 16th Street in Miami's South Beach, says "the savviest of jewelry customers come to me to learn how to build a meaningful and memorable wardrobe of pieces, one faux bling at a time. "That's because," Provenzano continues "bling delivers the greatest "access"ory impact for your hard earned dollar. Real diamond bling delivers instant icing to your wardrobe by adding glama & drama to anything you're wearing. The bonus of faux bling is that it serves up the same pizzazz as the real thing and gets you access to any place you wanna go for a fraction of the price."

De Beers revived the flagging diamond market with a mega carat and watt, repositioning campaign targeted at young, music industry celebrities. There is not a rapper worth his t-shirt, from Snoop to 50 Cent, that doesn't sport his pavé moniker on a chain and 10 carat stud earrings in every video and at every personal appearance. In the world of marketing, that's called "product placement".

Female celebs like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, who role model for the iPod generation, when out posing for cover shots and attending "meet & greets", wear status stones that fuel this frenzied search for affordable copies.