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At Last! A website for those who know that style isn't what you wear - it's who you are.

It's important for us to know who you are, so we can make each visit to a newsy and profitable experience for you. Thanks for taking a moment to complete this survey.

(#1A) How many hours each week do you spend online?

(#1B) Your Age:

(#1C)Your Size:

(#1D) Your Shoe Size:

(#1E)Your Education:

(#1F)Current Marital Status:

(#1G) How many children do you have?

(#1H) Are you employed?:

(#1J) Which best describes your occupation?

(#1K) Your Household Income:

#2A) What best describes you:

I buy what looks best on me - it may cost more but I want to look my best
I buy what looks best on me and stay within my budget
I always stay within my budget. Fashion is less important than the price
Clothes are not that important to me and I buy only what is on sale

(#2B) On average, how much did you spend on clothes the past 3 months?

(#2C) How often do you buy an item of cosmetics?

(#3) Where have you purchased clothes in the last 3 months?

(#4) Where have you made most of your purchases?

(#5) What is your favourite store to purchase cosmetics?

(#6) If you purchase online, what items have you purchased in the last 3 months?

Household Goods
Children's Items
Electronic Equipment

(#7) How many online purchases have you made in the last 3 months?

(#8) Do you purchase the following?:

Career Attire
Casual Wear
Evening Wear
Bridal Gown/Veil
Athletic Clothes

(#9) Do you purchase the following items?:

Make Up
Hair Care Products
Low Fat Foods
Low Cal Beverages
Health Food Products

(#10A) Magazine Preferences

Which magazines (if any) do you read:

Vanity Fair
In Style
Weight Watchers

(#10B) Are there any other magazines that you read regularly?

(#11) From those magazines listed above that you do not subscribe to or read on a regular basis, is there any specific reason (s)?

(check all that apply)

Do not feel they are talking to me
Beauty tips do not pertain to me
Fashion does not pertain to me
Other - please specify

(#12) What would you like to see in

(check all that apply)

More Fashion information
More information on Good Buys
More Beauty information
More on Cosmetics/Perfumes
More information on Travel
More on Accessories
Health articles
Health and Fitness Information
Eating Healthy

Thank you for answering our questionnaire.

What to wear for that next big affair?

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